Woodstock Social Justice Initiative


5:30pm Wednesday Oct 11.  Soup Fundraiser!

Please join us for a lovely community dinner  at 5:30pm on Wednesday Oct 11 at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Woodstock, VT.   An assortment of warming,  home-made soups are offered, accompanied by Red Hen Bakery Bread and Plymouth Artisan Cheese. $10 suggested donation; co-hosted by Change The World Kids.

The chief aim of the Woodstock Social Justice Initiative (WSJI) is to help inform and empower community members seeking the tools needed to fight against varied forms of social injustice.   Toward this end, we are working to bring together artists, educators and activists who will help to increase public consciousness of urgent justice-related issues, while also providing individuals opportunities to take direct action for social justice.

WSJI is inspired by the courageous work currently being done by local groups (Migrant Justice, Black Lives Matter, Outright VT, Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform, to name a few) and hope to bring these voices to the Woodstock, VT area, where we sense there is a growing desire for engagement and action around interwoven issues like sexism; racism; homophobia; poverty; immigration and criminal justice reform.   We believe that appreciating intersectionality, listening openly, and speaking honestly about power and privilege are essential to social healing and growth, and invite participation from all community members of all identities to engage in this important process.

Interested in joining WSJI?  Please fill out the following contact form and consider sending  a $5 donation payable to  Sonny Saul (WSJI), 48 Pleasant St Woodstock, VT 05091 

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Anti-Racism Symposium: 14 Oct. 2017

On 5 May of this year, the Vermont legislature adopted a concurrent resolution “designating October 16, 2017 as John Brown Day in Vermont.” We at WSJI are excited to celebrate this first-of-its-kind holiday by hosting an anti-racism symposium in Woodstock, Vermont.  Please join us on Saturday 14 October for a day aimed at empowering community members with the understanding and tools needed to take action against racism.

Schedule of the day:

8:30-9:00am:  Registration and breakfast

9:00-9:25am: Opening Remarks by Lou DeCaro, PhD.

9:30-10:30am:  Workshop Selection One

  • Lou DeCaro, PhD:  A biographically-based Reflection on John Brown
  • Margaret Barry, JD:  Race and Criminal Justice
  • Nathalie Batraville, PhD: POC only facilitated Caucus

10:40-11:40:  Workshop Selection Two

  • Michelle Arnosky Sherburne:  The Abolitionist Movement in Vermont before the Civil War
  • Erin Hanrahan, MA and Matthew McCormack, MA: Teaching Controversial Figures and Topics
  • Standing up For Racial Justice Upper Valley: TBD
  • Nathalie Batraville, PhD: POC only facilitated Caucus

11:45-12:45:  Lunch (pizza available for purchase); first geographic affinity group meeting

12:50-1:40pm:  Workshop Selection Three

  • Dan Billin: Abolitionism vs. Mobocracy in Vermont and New Hampshire
  • Rachel Seigel, Peace and Justice Center VT: Exploring White Fragility
  • Ashley Nadeau and Henry Zacchini with students: The importance of teaching anti-racism education
  • Nathalie Batraville, PhD: POC only facilitated Caucus

1:50-2:30pm:  Geographic affinity group work and share out; POC only facilitated debrief.

2:35-3:00pm: Performance by Rajnii Eddins and Closing Remarks.




$10-20 sliding-scale registration fee includes breakfast, Register Here.

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Welcome to the WSJI Anti-Racism Symposium registration form!  Please submit the following form and mail a $10-20 check payable to Sonny Saul (WSJI) , 48 Pleasant St., Woodstock, VT 05091.  You may also use the PayPal button below the form to pay the registration fee; please note that if you use this option, you are opting to pay a $20 registration fee.


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